Good timing for Jeff Immelt in China

Bruce Einhorn

It’s Chindia Week for GE. The company’s Chairman and CEO, Jeff Immelt, was in Bombay today, having been to Beijing on Monday. According to the AP, Immelt revealed that General Electric plans to spend $250 million in India on health care and infrastructure projects. While in China, the GE chief told reporters that the company had signed a deal with the Chinese government to spend about $50 million to develop environmentally friendly technology. “GE is to cooperate with Tsinghua University in Beijing, one of China's top science schools and the alma mater of President Hu Jintao, on research for less environmentally damaging products,” reports the AP (here's a link to the AP story in the San Jose Mercury-News). “Immelt said details of that agreement were still being worked out but he expected it to focus on coal gasification and other energy-related fields and water-filtration technology.”

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