When The Brits Are The Early Adopters . . .

… you begin to suspect the US might be really screwed. If I recall correctly, in Hammer of the Gods Robert Plant was quoted as being all agog about the US when Led Zeppelin first toured here, because the telephones actually worked.

But that was then. (Insert references to cell phone behaviors, and the next-generation agility of media companies there; scroll down to “BBC 2.1.”) This year, ad spending on ‘Net in the UK will overtake spending on national newspapers, according to ad heavy Group M.

The caveats: This is only national newspapers, although this is a bigger category in the UK than in the US. Web ad spending still trails the spending in the UK’s regional newspapers, albeit only slightly.

What really caught my eye, though, is Group M’s expectation that 13.3% of all UK ad spending will go to the Web this year. That’s about twice as much as the Web will get in the US this year, if I recall the figure from a recent Merrill Lynch analyst report correctly. (And which I’d quote from if I hadn’t stupidly deleted.)

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