Claudia Kotchka's Blogs.

Bruce Nussbaum

P&G's super innovation driver Claudia Kotchka has been a huge help in shaping our new magazine IN-Inside Innovation. She advised us on how to fill the white space and show managers how to build innovation organizations and cultures. And Claudia is featured, along with several other champions of innovation, in the premier issue.

As part of the first issue of IN, we are presenting the blogs and books that key innovation managers read first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Here are Claudia's blogs:

Dan Pink
Nussbaum on Design
Creating Passionate Users
Consumer Generated Media: Media, Marketing, & Mayhem
The Long Tail
Core 77
CPH 127
Design Observer
Noise Between Stations
This Blog is at the intersection of anthropology and economics
How to Save the World

Now take a minute and think about this list. I figure it's worth about $1 million to you--if you use it wisely.

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