Workblogging Blog: A Treasure Trove of Anonymous Blogs

James Richards' blog is a great source for delving into the world of employee blogs.
Heather Green

For a while after my collegue Jay Greene wrote about the Mini-Microsoft blog last fall, I was fascinated with anonymous employee blogs. And in my trolling, I discovered James Richards' blog, which tracks employee blogs. (I was reminded of it by the NYT story on intern blogs.)

Richards blog is a treasure trove of anonymous and public work blogs. He makes it his business, since he's a lecturer at a Scottish university who studies the connections between Web communication and work.

The blogs tend to organize by similar jobs or writing styles. There are groups of teachers, groups of healthcare workers, groups of police and EMTs, groups of call center employees. It's hard to know from reading them how much of these blogs are true and how much are fiction. But they're great reading.

I get lost in the exhaustive links when I enter into these vibrant cultures, which is why I think it's a good blog to share before the weekend.

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