Netflix - Keeps It Reel

Ever launched or redesigned a website? Ever sat in strategy meetings about websites? If so, you’ve probably heard the word “intuitive” more times than you prefer and likely cringe whenever you hear the phrase “intuitive user experience.” You might even hate the word. But Netflix loves the word so much that it made its site “intuitive.” And now other companies are trying to emulate Netflix’s success. Netflix has grown into the world’s largest online DVD rental business since it launched its subscription service in 1999. By not having any late fees and also offering several subscription plans, it revolutionized the movie rental industry, posting sales in 2005 of US$ 682 million. Since Netflix does all of its business via its website, it realizes the importance of constructing a clear and concise site to match its brand. And there is a good case to be made that has no current equal. (Note: If you are like me and one of Netflix’s nearly five million subscribers, you may need to log out of your account to see some of the following pages.)

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