Turmoil in China's pharma industry

Bruce Einhorn

Major new developments in China's medical scandals, thanks in part to attention from local reporters in Hong Kong and China. A few days ago, I wrote on the New Tech in Asia blog about a toxic breast-enlargement medicine that has left many Chinese women in great pain. In April, the government banned the medicine and some people are now suing the company in Chinese court. On Wednesday, the South China Morning Post (not available to non-paying subscribers) reports that over the past few days thugs have attacked Hong Kong journalists covering the story across the border in Shenzhen. “Shenzhen hospital security guards armed with iron bars punched and kicked Hong Kong reporters yesterday,” reports the SCMP. “Women in white gowns joined in the attack.” This was the second day of attacks on reporters covering the story. Meanwhile, also on Tuesday, several women from Hong Kong were among those who testified at a Shenzhen court hearing appealing a lower-court ruling in favor of Shenzhen Fuhua Hospital, which is where the women were treated and is affiliated with the company that makes the gel. All this was too embarrassing for the city government. On Wednesday, Shenzhen announced that it had shut down the hospital.

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