Launching INside Innovation--Getting Close to The End.

Bruce Nussbaum

My hands hurt from so much editing and writing, my family barely remembers me and lots of people are angry at me--secretaries for taking over their office for the Innovation Gym, lawyers who had to write a contract to Modernista in less than a month, payroll which had to pay Modernista in less than 45 days--but I'm in the FLOW and leading the team to the finish line of getting the new magazine to the printers by Friday.

Pages are going up on the wall and IN is taking real shape. I love it. INside Innovation is beautiful and useful and so different from any other magazine before it. IN will be organically part of our Innovation & Design site (launched just 9 months ago and wildly successful) and both I&D and IN will be part of the larger conversation about how companies--and society--can use the methods and metrics of design thinking and innovation to become better. There are no voices of authority anymore but communities and conversations about issues. That is what I&D and IN are all about.

So that's it Conde Nast, Forbe, Fortune and WSJ. You have my secret formula. We're gonna out-innovate you.

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