A Lawsuit Within A Lawsuit

Arik Hesseldahl

When the word came that class-action lawsuits had begin regarding scratches and other damage to Apple iPod nano, I was awfully hard on Jason Tomczak. And I wasn't the only one. In my Oct. 2005 column I railed against class action lawsuits like the one in which Tomczak was named as the lead plantiff. My criticism was aimed less at Tomczak personally and more at a legal system that allows law firms to shake down big companies like Apple for ridiculous complaints. In the end, I argued, the settlements that companies like Apple reach in these cases amount what for a $14 billion company is chump change, while the lawyers involved collect seven-figure sums. Plantiffs meanwhile get coupons or discounts that often require months of waiting and filling out annoying paperwork with lots of legalese in fine print.

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