Design Week in NYC--ICFF, New Apple Store And New Innovation Magazine--INside Innovation.

Bruce Nussbaum

It's all happening at once this week and in a weird way, all these design threads are coming together. So after working on the insightful column by Google's Marissa Mayer for the premier issue of INside Innovation, I went home, put on black, picked up that brilliant Columbia University linquist who thinks identity is the next phase after experience, and headed out to the MOMA party for the opening of the ICFF--International Contemporary Furniture Fair--which is super huge, as big as the Milan Furniture Fair. Core77 has all the details, especially the gallery parties.

In the taxi over to MOMA, we passed the new Apple store on Fifth Avenue right across from the old Plaza Hotel (now being condo-ized) at the SE corner of Central Park. It was dazzling in the falling light, all in glass. Open 24/7 I think. Gotta go.

The MOMA was packed (the redesign of the MOMA has meant much better party space and parties and, oh yes, more room for exhibits) and there was Italian in the air. In fact, Italian is all over the city, thanks to the ICFF. I don't know any of the furniture designer people but they sure do know how to dress and air kiss. I'm hoping to get over to the Javits and check out the great stuff there. Stu and Alan at Core77 already have their favorite.

Back to IN. I'm worrying that the cover image photos sent by Modernista are not high rez enough so I'm not seeing what Katie is seeing. One shot is HP's Sam Lucente holding a new product (you can't see his head so its kind of generic) and he's wearing a muddy brown jacket. Anyone who knows Sam knows he only wears black or grey, never brown. So I need higher resolution shots to really get it.

Yes, this is fun.

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