Spotting trendsetters at warp speed

Stephen Baker

Shel Israel and Rick Segal are going to circumnavigate the globe to find trendsetting companies. [ex Weinberger] Good idea, I say, but why do it in 23 days? In my experience traveling, I come across great, new, surprising and easily digestible ideas in the first week in a country. Then I learn in the second week what's wrong with them (or, more often, with me).

The process: In the first week, I'm usually twisting these new ideas to fit my vision of the world. In the second week, locals tell me what I've missed or misunderstood. Maybe by the third week, I'm starting to sort things out. Twenty-three days around the world sounds great for a promotional tour, but not so great for learning. A bit like rollerskating through an art museum. But maybe this is just a quick exploratory mission.

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