You Can Fight The System...But Does Anyone Really Win?

Lauren Young

Careful readers of the Working Parents blog have heard me rant and rave about my health insurance woes. Well, it took 200 hours and six months, but I finally got our insurance company to cover the surgeon fee for my son Leo.

You can read all about it here. BusinessWeek Weekend also ran a segment on my story, featuring yours truly as well as my son, Leo. Here's a link. Scroll to the second item, "Health Insurers."

Well, now that I have a little perspective, I can't believe that it took so much work to get this issue fixed. And when push came to shove, the resolution was bittersweet because my son needed emergency surgery the same week we got the news that UnitedHealthcare would cover the initial claim.

My biggest hope is that people can learn from my experience, so if you know anyone suffering from insurance woes, please tell them not to give up. You can fight the system. Winning, however, is a frame of mind.

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