Salon's Video Dog

How the edgy Video Dog service on Salon became the news site's second most popular feature.
Heather Green

A collegue last night emailed around a video from Salon's Video Dog service of the BBC accidentally interviewing a cabbie who happened to be in the studio instead of the expert they'd lined up to talk about Apple's recent victory in court over the Beatles.

I spoke with Salon's Joan Walsh last week about Video Dog, which is designed to be an edgy filter that brings together a mix of publicly submitted videos and snippets of videos culled from the cable news and talk shows.

Video Dog, dreamed up by Salon's Heather Havrilesky and Kerry Lauerman, is now the second most popular feature on Salon. Traffic reached a new high of 1.3 million daily page views early this month when Video Dog dished up a snippet of Stephen Colbert's press corps speech.

Walsh says they considered the service a test when it was launched in December. What they try to do is balance commentary with a selection of lively clips--to provide a voice and a filter for the explosion of video out there. And they're even talking with producers about Video Dog into a TV show.