Show Mom the Money

David Rocks

Just in time for Mother’s Day, an outfit called has estimated how much a mom’s work is worth. And it sure looks like a job that’s worth having. According to, Stay-at-Home Moms would earn $134,121 annually, while working mothers would earn $85,876 for their work at home, in addition to whatever they actually get paid at the office.

Sure, it’s a fairly silly exercise. The Stay-at-Home Mom’s pay, for instance, includes 4.2 hours a week as “family CEO,” for which she’d get almost $36,000 annually. And it’s assumed the Stay-at-Home Mom works 91 hours a week, and that working mothers put in almost 50 hours. I can’t actually say I see either the working father or the stay-at-home mother in our family putting in those kinds of hours, especially if you include time spent with the kids as recreation rather than hours worked as “day care center teacher” or “psychologist”.

Still, the calculations give you a sense of the kind of work mothers (and, I believe, fathers) put in at home just keeping things going, and making sure the kids are fed, bathed, and make it out the door to school. So here’s to all the Moms out there. Now, if we could just find someone to cough up that $130,000 paycheck, we could take a really nice vacation—-or hire someone to take care of the kids!

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