New Super Mario Bros.

On paper, New Super Mario Bros. is the kind of game that makes hardcore Nintendo fans get on their knees and weep in sheer joy over the eighty new levels of new 2D Mario action. If you're not already in that camp, New Super Mario Bros. is the kind of game to take you there. The fact that the levels are chockfull of innovative gameplay and level design never seen before in a Mario game is reason enough to make this a no-brainer purchase. On top of that, the visuals come in scorching hot, with gorgeous 3D bringing the old school into a new school setting. Sprinkle in some minigames and multiplayer modes, and you have a system seller. While the difficulty is a bit weak and we would have loved network-wide Nintendo Wi-Fi play, that shouldn't hesitate anyone from buying the best domestic Nintendo DS title to date. Gamers old and young, hardcore and casual, gather around. Mario's back.

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