China Finds that Innovation is Harder than it looks

China is trying to become an
Michael Mandel

China is trying to become an "innovation society." But they are finding that innovation is harder than it looks. Now a leading Chinese scientist who claimed to have created a new computer chip has been accused of fraud, according to the latest report .

The scandal at Shanghai Jiaotong University, the alma mater of former President Jiang Zemin, is an embarrassment for Chinese leaders, who are trying to promote homegrown technological advances to match the country's economic progress.

Now the question is whether this is an isolated instance, or whether it reflects a systemic pattern of Chinese leaders trying to push their country up the technology ladder faster than it can go. The Chinese economy has already made a stellar leap, clearly moving from 'developing' to 'low industrial' status. But can it go 'high industrial' or even "innovative" status in one big push? I don't think so.

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