Business Week Is Launching INside Innovation.

Bruce Nussbaum

I've been keeping it a secret but word is getting out so it's time to simply say that pretty soon you're going to see something spectacularly amazing, insightful and useful--INside Innovation. I call it IN. IN will be a deep, deep dive into the innovation/design/creativity space. It will surprise, inform and connect you.

I'll be describing the backstories to IN as we head toward launch. The first bit of news--IN is being designed by Modernista! Modernista does those great hummer ads--have fun and spend some time watching them on their site. Modernista just got a big Cadillac campaign. Gary Koepke, co-founder, was also founding creative director for Vibe magazine, that great hip-hop music mag. Senior designer Katie Andersen worked at the hot 2X4 design firm in NYC for 10 years.

More to come.

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