TechCrunch Goes Green

Rob Hof

Mike Arrington's well-read TechCrunch blog has a new look, as he announces on one of his other blogs, CrunchNotes. Many of the commenters there aren't so sure about the heavy use of the color green, but as Mike explains:

If you’re wondering about the green theme, there’s a reason for it (hint - it keeps me focused on my goals).

Indeed, the notable change is that there's now a more overt revenue model: sponsorships in the form of ads by Riya, First Round Capital, Omnidrive, and others. Mike noted today at the TiEcon conference, where he was moderating a panel on Web 2.0 (no!) that he had no problem filling up his sponsorship quota at "fairly high rates." With 1 million unique readers a month and the blog's status as the premier site to find out about new Web startups, that's no surprise.

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