The Pediatricians Are In

Cathy Arnst

I cover medicine for BusinessWeek, and one of the more intriguing developments on my beat is the rapid rise of blogging doctors. Where these busy professionals find time to write I haven't a clue, but I find myself reading more and more of them, for valuable insights into the practice of medicine, and the practioners' views of developments that I tend to write from 50,000 feet above the examining table.

I've discovered that, just as doctors like to specialize, so do doctor-bloggers. One of my favorite subspecies, as both a parent and a medical journalist, is the pediatricians. These kid docs have made it easy for the rest of us to check out their many interesting posts by setting up a Grand Rounds every other week: one of their members links to all the best posts from around the pediatric blogosphere. The first two Pediatric Grand Rounds have been hosted by Unintelligent Design, a blog by a pediatrican in Tennessee who is well worth reading even when he's not running Grand Rounds. This week's edition has links about asthma in children, diet, chronic care and even about why one becomes a pediatrician. Equally intersting was the first Grand Rounds, with links ranging from "fever phobia," home deliveries gone bad, treating kids with adult drugs and caring for a child with a devastating illness. Read and enjoy, but be forewarned: these blogs can become a time-consuming habit!

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