Branding and Innovation in India.

Bruce Nussbaum

Two very sophisticated analyses of what is happening inside India by extremely knowledgeable people--Brad Nemer of Motorola, the insightful Niti Bhan and Manjeet Kripilani, BW's top Indian correspondent who appears to know the entire Indian economic and political elite--can be found on the I&D.

Brand Magic In India, by Nemer and Bhan, highlight the pitfalls of global corporations just exporting their brands to India without understanding the many local cultures.

And Manjeet writes about the Society for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the IIT campus in Bombay. I had no idea that SINE even existed and that it was a real business incubator that commercializes faculty and student ideas. VCs are flocking there. There are 15 businesses now ongoing at SINE.

Have you heard of Webaroo, a SINE creation, that lets you download web pages to your PC, cellphone or PDA where you can read them without being online?

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