Will Apple's new ad attract the wrong kind of attention?

Peter Burrows

Despite what many Mac fans believe, there's nothing inherently virus-proof about the Mac. Rather, a main reason for the near absense of malware on the Mac has been that hackers simply haven't focused as much on the plaform as they have on Windows. As such, Apple has historically resisted the temptation to play its security card too aggressively in its marketing activities.

Until now, that is. In one of its new ads, the company clearly states what many Mac owners know is true: that the Mac is for all intents and purposes virus-free.

Now, I realize that the hacker community isn't exactly the sweet spot of BusinessWeek's demographic (despite Arik's excellent coverage of security, and particularly, Mac security). Still, I want to throw the question out there: if you're a hacker, have ever had the urge to hack, or just want to weigh in, do you think the new Apple ad will serve as a clarion call to folks with ill intentions? Clearly, threats to the Mac seem to be on the rise already, given Apple's recent success. But is Apple painting a bulls-eye on itself, giving such folks even more incentive to find some headline-grabbing, resume-padding problem for Mac users?

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