Former Gracenote CEO Starts MOG

Justin Hibbard

"Because the Web mostly sucks." That's the tag line at, which lets people share their musical tastes and connect with like-minded music fans. The site's technology allows users to show others their music collections and music-listening habits and serves targeted ads based on people's musical tastes. In a nutshell, it's social networking and contextual advertising based on musical preferences. The founder of 11-month-old MOG, Inc. is David C. Hyman, former CEO of digital-media info company Gracenote, Inc., which is an investor in MOG and is providing some of the site's underlying technology. (Old timers may remember when Hyman was at HotWired, the first online spin-off from Wired magazine.) Kensington (Calif.)-based MOG raised $1.6 million in March from The Angels' Forum, Finnat Fiduciaria, Great Idea Enterprises, Gracenote, and individuals. Gracenote board members Scott A. Jones and Stephen H. Simon are on MOG's board. The site is in beta now (aren't they all?) but open to those who sign up for a trial account.

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