Moving to Digital with Lenses in Tow

You've made quite an investment in lenses. Will they work with your new camera? Here are some things to bear in mind

Cindy Towsner owns two Nikon 35mm cameras that boast single-lens reflex (SLR) capability, where the camera uses one lens for both viewing and picture taking. She's also got a host of lenses, including the following Nikkor lenses: AF 28-80, AF 35-80, AF 80-200 telephoto. She writes:I'm looking to buy my first digital camera, and from what I've read, the SLRs are still the best way to go. So with my present lenses, I should be looking for a Nikon digital SLR. I would, however, like the following components in my camera: diopter adjustment for those of us who wear eyeglasses, in-camera red-eye elimination, anti-shake or image stabilization, and white balance. Is there a camera with these components?

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