Be Connecting And Be Connected

Be connecting and be connected. It’s a message that may sound a bit strange at a first, but it conveys a key theory in the business world. When you are connected to a well-built network, your business moves with an extra powerful engine. A warm call to a networked acquaintance can be much more effective than a cold call. A person from your network may refer you to a printing service provider that helps you cut costs and deliver high quality. Someone you met in a social networking event may tell you who the true decision maker is in a company where you are trying hard to close a deal. Part of being connected means that you also need to provide connections to help other people in your network build their businesses, too. When you refer a business opportunity to your networked acquaintance, when you introduce others to the best CPA you have, when you direct someone to find the project principal directly, you are connecting others.

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