$mart Kid$

Lauren Young

On Wednesday, I blogged on the Working Parents website about the plethora of programs available to teach kids about money, which elicited offline comments from some readers. I’ve since learned that Visa USA has coined the generation of teens and twenty-somethings now entering the workforce as Generation Plastic, or Gen P.


Here are a few more resources to check out:

1) Do Something is stepping up with an online game that teaches teens these practical skills in a fun, interactive way. The program even adds new layers of “real life” circumstances, such as surprise career opportunities, donations to disaster causes or tempting “splurge” items. Teachers can download a two week curriculum and implement the valuable lessons right in the classroom.

2) A new, nationally-renowned financial curriculum, developed at Montana State University and sponsored by Take Charge America, is helping teachers and parents tackle this tricky topic in an entertaining way. The Family Economics and Finance Education (FEFE) lesson plan is free.

3) Some great links to other sites can be found here

Update: I mentioned on the Working Parents blog that one of my colleagues has a son who is a saver. He’s in the office today for Take Your Children to Work Day, and he is busy selling earrings for $5 to $7. I asked him how much he has in his bank account: $615. Not bad for a seven-year-old!