Your Money and Your Life

We have long recognized that, as BusinessWeek readers, you are as rigorous in managing your personal finances as you are in guiding your business. We also know that you pursue your leisure activities with the same intensity that you apply to advising clients, running factories, and marketing your wares. For many years we've covered these myriad aspects of your lives under the Personal Business banner. Now, to delineate financial from lifestyle coverage more clearly, we are splitting PB into two sections: Executive Life and Personal Finance.

This week, Executive Life debuts with "Rock 'n' Roll is here to sell" on collecting rock memorabilia. And that's just a sample of the range of coverage we'll be offering.

Our travel stories will find interesting new places to visit, or take a fresh look at some old favorites. Our auto reviewers will road-test new models and offer expert critiques. Our personal-tech writers will test cameras, computers, televisions, cell phones, and other gadgets from the vantage point of real users. And we're expanding our coverage of food, restaurants, spirits, and wine.

In Personal Finance we'll focus on all aspects of investing and managing your money, such as screening stocks, rating mutual funds, and interpreting financial statements. We'll also cover real estate investments, insurance, and estate-planning. This week we take you behind the scenes of an ultra-exclusive investment/networking club. We also try out Vanguard's revamped financial-planning service.

In both Executive Life and Personal Finance, we promise must-read service journalism that guides you in your personal decision-making.

For the cover story, we have once again teamed up with Boston Consulting Group to rank the most innovative companies worldwide, those whose new products, creative culture, and energetic management make them models. From these leaders we have distilled lessons for companies that want to improve their game. The report continues on the Innovation & Design channel at

Stephen J. Adler, Editor-in-Chief

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