The Next Social Networks Won't Look Like MySpace

Rob Hof

So says Marc Pincus, who knows something about social networks from his time at Tribe Networks. Marc wonders if the current online social networks will survive their members, well, growing up and running out of time for mostly checking each other out. As people get older, he thinks, they'll tend to favor services with a more overt utility than MySpace and The Facebook--something I suspect could happen as well.

Of course, MySpace and Facebook do have certain kinds of utility and no doubt will add more. But Marc thinks the next social networks won't look the same at all:

I think we will yet see one or two more services reach the audience sizes of myspace/facebook but they may look far different than the hosted portal model.

I think the functions of social networking will become more *owned* by communities and end users and less controlled by large media services as their interests are not well aligned.

I can imagine the social networking function hosted on my own pc, possibly integrated with my email and other communications services. ... The resulting social map should me MINE and usable across all web services.

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