Blogs: They Dance, They Sing

A new blog technology called MyChingo lets you hear readers comments, rather than read them. Will audible blog spam be next?
Heather Green

How would you like your blog spam read to you?

So, I got this intriguing email about a new blog technology called MyChingo, which lets you hear readers comments, rather than read them. MyChingo is a voice mail message service that lets readers record comments from their browsers and send them to you. Michael Bailey, the fellow who came up with the technology, says that you can even let other people who visit your site listen to the comments.

At first, my traditional side immediately thought, this is a very very bad idea. Honestly, all I could think of was being forced to listen to, not simply read spam. But is that overblown? Spammers probably wouldn't take the time to record messages?

Still, even without the spectre of spam floating greasily above the room, my traditional side still wins. I would still rather read comments on this blog. So it would have to be a specific kind of blog where you would want to hear them.

Michael Baily sent an email bringing up a couple of good points. When it comes to podcasting, he says "you can can download your audio comments and re-use them as 'listener comments; in your future podcast episodes. OR you can even use the entire system in "reverse" and send yourself audio comments, then mark them public, and let the rest of your site visitors listen to them - sort of like "Quick podcasting."

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