Time Warner and News Corp. help China with its “Cultural Deficit”

Bruce Einhorn

A few days ago I blogged about the news that Time Warner’s AOL, which has been very low-profile in China since the collapse of its joint venture with Legend a few years ago, had announced a deal to broadcast programming from Shanghai Media Group. Controlled by the Shanghai government, SMG is one of China’s most powerful entertainment companies, so it’s not hard to see why AOL wants it as a partner. And Time Warner isn’t the only U.S. media conglomerate that has been busy making friends in China lately. Earlier this month, CCTV, China’s state-owned television network, announced that it was revamping its English-language website “to better serve Internet surfers, and also to help boost viewing figures for CCTV International's TV programs.” According to CCTV, News Corp's Fox Cable worked with CCTV in the relaunch of the website. “The company says this is only the beginning of cooperation between Fox and CCTV International. Fox says the new webpage provides a source for the world to get to know about China.” (Thanks to Shanghai-based blogger Shanghai China/Snippets and Views for the link.)

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