Morning Time

James Mehring

Waking up is hard to do. That’s certainly the case every weekday morning in my family. We used to have a hard enough time getting ourselves ready for work and out the door. But now we have to get three persons ready for the day.

When Lyn was still at home, getting to work was pretty easy for me. I would wake up and go on my way while Lyn would take care of our daughter. Now, both of us head off to work in the morning. Over the past couple weeks we had been fumbling our way through the morning. There has been spilt milk, forgotten pump parts and lunches, and a quick wardrobe change or two.

It was like learning a new dance, only with a third partner. Sometimes Lyn and I figuratively stepped on each others toes and there were times when one of us (i.e. me) was not moving at the right tempo. Of course, the pace is typically dictated by our daughter.

This week I think we began to settle into a morning rhythm. Setting up some structure has to be good for all of us, including our daughter. A routine is also allowing Lyn and me to get more accomplished in the morning. Most importantly, we are spending more quality time with our daughter.

My wife now gets up at 5:30 to start pumping. Lyn nudges me out of bed when done and I stumble to the shower. Our daughter is waking shortly after we do more often. Now, we just do a quick diaper change, feed her, and plop her into the high chair or on our bed (one of us is always in the bedroom so the baby is never left alone). When using the high chair we wheel her around the whole apartment as we go to different rooms.

Luckily, the baby is a morning person right now. Our daughter is usually, but certainly not always, all smiles as she watches us prepare. During this time we talk and play with. This is also the time when our daughter shows off her new skills like removing the pacifier from her mouth and putting it back in, talking to us in her unique language, or trying to sit up.

Given that my wife and I spend at least ten hours a day away from home, spending more time with our baby is important. And I would like to think that getting our daughter incorporated into our daily routine will make things easier down the road. It certainly is no fun plucking my daughter out of bed and taking her directly to Lyn’s mother. Now, if only we could get her settled into an evening routine. Any suggestions?

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