Lenovo's two-front war

Bruce Einhorn

Ever since he took over as Lenovo CEO in December, Bill Amelio has been busy repositioning the Chinese PC maker for the U.S. market. He’s launched a new line of PCs, with the Lenovo brand rather than the IBM brand that the company inherited when it took over Big Blue’s PC division last year. Under Amelio’s watch Lenovo has also teamed up with Best Buy, in order to make inroads into the American consumer and small-and-midsized business market. And this week, the former Dell exec accompanied Lenovo chairman Yang Yuanqing and other Lenovo execs to Redmond where they signed a $1.2 billion deal with Microsoft to sell PCs in China with legit copies of Windows preinstalled. The last deal doesn’t directly affect Lenovo in the U.S., of course, but the fact that Lenovo has so publicly taken a stand on one of the issues most important to Sino-U.S. trade relations - the fight against IPR piracy in China - might help win over some critics.

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