eBay Takes the Express Train

Rob Hof

Logo Express

During eBay's earnings call this week, CEO Meg Whitman said the company's new site, which I wrote about a couple weeks ago, would launch next week. But the train has already left the station. You can see the preview site here.

Definitely a much leaner, cleaner look than the standard eBay site. I'm not sure it's up to Amazonlike ease of use just yet. Some listings accept only eBay's PayPal, not credit cards, and require confirmed addresses, which means people who aren't PayPal members will run into a delay that eBay Express was supposed to eliminate. And some of the more specific categories are a little sparse right now.

But overall, it looks like an interesting start. And it's one more small step toward encouraging shoppers to come directly to eBay rather than searching first on Google, whose expansionary moves have eBay talking to Microsoft and Yahoo!.

ChannelAdvisor CEO Scot Wingo, who tipped me that the site was live, has a tour.

Update: eBay tells me only parts of eBay Express have rolled out, so what you see is incomplete. More to come soon.

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