China's President Hu Does Not Get The Red Carpet Treatment at The White House.

Bruce Nussbaum

Carpets can tell you a lot about people and when a red one is rolled out in Washington DC it means a lot, so the fact that a red carpet was not rolled out for China's President Hu but was rolled out for India's Prime Minister Singh is meaningful. According to our resident China watcher/specialist Joyce Barnathan, Washington is signalling it is unwilling to embrace Beijing politically as closely as it wants to embrace India.

For global corporations intimately tied to China in a huge variety of ways--and for Chinese companies seeking to establish their brands and their products in the US--this carpet treatment should be disconcerting.

Disturbing to me as well is the lobbying going on against Lenovo selling computers to the US federal government by protectionists and others. I don't know many companies in China but I do know the design and innovation people in Lenovo and I respect their work and integrity. Plus--all the ThinkPad laptops have been manufactured in China for years, way before Lenovo bought the brand. No complaints about "listening devices" inside Thinkpads yet, are there?

Let's get a grip folks.

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