PCs in the Fast Lane

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We all know the story of what the inexpensive commodity PC has done to spread computing throughout our society. Less than a decade ago, it was uncommon for there to be more than one PC in a home. Now, two or three in a single household isn't too surprising.

But what if you're not in the market for a cheap box that's pretty much just good enough for word-processing, e-mail, and browsing the Web? What if you've got the money to spend on a seriously powerful computing experience?


  We asked several companies to show us what a PC can be when money isn't an issue. Some names you probably know, such as Dell (DELL) Hewlett-Packard (HPQ), and Gateway (GTW). A few you may not -- such as Alienware, Falcon Northwest, and VoodooPC.

The six high-end PCs we reviewed range in price from $1,150 to a cool $6,000 and are generally aimed either at demanding gaming enthusiasts or consumers eager to explore the cutting edge of digital media. All of them are about as far from the cheap commodity PC as you can get.

VoodooPC's Spellbinding Performer

A Custom PC Made to Wow

Alienware's Reality PC

HP's Store-and-Swap Solution

Gateway's Gift to Gamers

Dell's High-End Home Run

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