Dodge Caliber and the Case of Fairy Dust

So, is Dodge offending gay people or not? Ad Age columnist Bob Garfield wrote this week that a new Dodge ad featuring a fairy was disparaging to gay people. In the ad, a fairy bonks her magic wand onto a skyscraper and turns it into a fairy house. Then, she bonks a commuter train and turns it into a train that would be more at home on the Isle of Sodor. She tries to bonk the new Dodge Caliber into something softer and more playful a few times, but it resists. The fairy then slams into a wall and hits the pavement. An oafish man stops and mocks, “Silly little fairy.” Then she bonks him, transforming the oaf into a Lands End model with a sweater around his neck and walking Pomeranians instead of his big black manly dog.

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