Signs of Spring, and of IPOs

Tim Mullaney

The e-mail brings a missive from a pr pal-o-mine, who has left agency work to go work for a new company -- athenahealth, a software/services company that helps doctors automate bill collections and which is branching out into electronic medical records.

Whyohwhy do we care?

1. Hiring a PR guy in house is the latest sign that athenahealth is on the IPO trail. Look for it next year.

2. athenahealth's CEO is Jonathan Bush, known as the brother of AccessHollywood anchor Billy Bush. He also has some cousin named George, but right now Billy's Q rating is a little higher. Besides, confounding much advance buildup, George only gave e-health about a sentence or so in the State of the Union address.

Pretty interesting company. We wrote them up a few months ago

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