Blogs Multiply. Our Heads Explode

Rob Hof

Just catching up to Dave Sifry's latest State of the Blogosphere report. The CEO of Technorati says the blog tracking firm now counts more than 35 million blogs, as the number continues to grow by more than 75,000 a day.


Even blogging expert Stowe Boyd doubts that he, and we, can keep up with the flood, even with new filtering sites like Memeorandum and Digg. But I like his idea for how to handle the bloggarrhea more effectively:

Why isn't there a solution that is equivalent to for blogs, for example? It would require a small plug-in, that would track what I read, anywhere, and would build up a list of my favorite 'artists' (bloggers, not musicians) just like the Audioscrobbler plugin does based on iTunes play. I would then -- after an appropriate time -- be provided with a collection of blog reading neighbors whose preferences are somewhat like mine, and then I could roam around in this virtual neighborhood, looking at what they have been reading, and their commentary on it. People could rate their favorite posts, tag anything, and create a stream of their favorite stuff for others to tap into, like a radio station. These virtual neighbors could become my friends, in fact, since we could contact each other, link to each other's comments, and so on.

That's the solution to the immensity of the Web.

Sure hope so.

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