What Senior Execs Really Think of IBM and Innovation.

Bruce Nussbaum

I'm still mining the rich data in the BusinessWeek/BCG survey of The World's Most Innovative Companies. IBM received a couple of dozen votes. Here they are with the reasons top global managers think IBM is so innovative.

Sam Palmisano, this is for you.

IBM Ability to invent new things -- record number of patents per year.
IBM ability to move towards a service-oriented company, away from the business of selling boxes... to making dreams come through
IBM Because the ability to reinvent itself, and change its way
IBM Company seems to re-invent itself on a regular basis by changing its strategic focus and internal structure; systematic investment in potentially disruptive technologies
IBM Computer Generation has helped the entire world greatly
IBM Continues to create completely new identity after "tanking" in mid-90s.
IBM Continues to innovate new products, challenge the status-quo and is the clear leader in fundamentals of comuter, IT, etc. .
IBM Customer laborities&LF;Technocal fellowship program
IBM customer relatioship management
IBM Good in transforming Business from Mainframe to SOA/Grid. Innovative Design Department.
IBM Has re-invented itself and continues to lead in approved patents
IBM Have plenty of patents
IBM Huge company ($80 B) able to shift away from single product dependency on mainframe computers to services. Microsoft faces the same challenge but seems less likely to succeed.
IBM IBM Fellows program.
IBM It is big software and hardware vendor which could cover all our company's IT area.
IBM Massive amount of innovation across a whole range of technologies.
IBM On Demand is the most innovative idea for business service.
IBM Patent counts
IBM Still accounts for one of the largest contributions in number of patents, and has survived a couple of crises due to the ability to continously innovate
IBM Successful culture change in the 1990's
IBM The company’s ability not only to survive, but to be a driving force in at least five paradigme shifts
IBM They are reinventing their services,&LF;letting go of their previous identity.
IBM They have been adapting their business model over and over to a rapidly changing IT industry
IBM They invest in the future of their customers
IBM Transformation in Services/Offering and Business and have been successful
IBM Very innovative manufacturing and employeed communication concepts.

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