IDEO Makes The TOP 25 Global Innovators--Here's Why.

Bruce Nussbaum

IDEO was the only innovation/design consultancy to make the cut of most innovative companies in the world (it was # 15 in 2006, up from # 18 in 2005). Now why is that? There are lots of excellent design firms in the US, Europe and Asia and plenty of good innovation consultants as well.

So check out the reasons why senior managers around the world think IDEO is so hot. And let me know if you agree.

Amazing design focus.
attacking strategy/innovation from the design end
Comprehensive approach to innovation
Consistantly the most awarded product design agency
consistent redefinition of products and services
create fantastic designs instead of doing styling. They have a strong and different way of work.
Great at product innovation and using design practices.
Ideo manages innovation, a very difficult issue, and also has a sustained model.
Incredible process for turning brainstorms into product concepts. Superb at sweating the details that make products rush into the marketplace
Incredible track record of design excellence.
Innovation in very successful products and ideas is what they sell to other (generally high tech) companies
Innovation process, business intelligence, aplicability, innovative design
Leader in design
New approaches to every project. Sells the company's capabilities by disclosing methods and results in books
New products&LF;Internal process for innovation
Team work, reach and range of work.
the way they innovate
Their innovation porcess is fantastic: look at what fanatic users "Do" - not at what average user answer to surveys. Then build a cross functional team and develop by successive prototypes - not concepts and slide-ware - and test again with your users. Then look in depth at the industrialisation mechanism to ensure appropriate production qualitya nd costs.
They teach everyone else how to do it.
Use of Structured Creativity to create deep impact on the products/services

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