New Discovery: Doogtoons Video Podcast

Heather Green

Ok, so new to me. I just discovered Doogtoons, an animated video podcast that really made me laugh. The stumbled across the interview they did with Ninja from the video podcast, Ask a Ninja. (Makes your head spin). Playlist has an interview here with the creator, Doug Bresler.

Maybe Doogtoons will make some money someday. Indeed, there seems to be lots of excitement around the Web about a new report that shows that advertising for social media rose 200% this year to $50 million from $20 million....I think it's generating the excitement because people didn't expect to make any money from this. But I am with Erick Schonfeld, that this is a puny amount, compared with the $292 billion that's expected to be spent in the U.S. on advertising as a whole.

These kinds of forecasts are what they are, but I am still convinced that the disruptive power of social media isn't in that it will create the next Google, but that it gives people new voices, choices and content. And that just accelerates the fragmentation of attention we have been seeing because of the Web.