Google: What The World's Top Managers Say Why It Is So Innovative.

Bruce Nussbaum

Hundreds of senior managers around the world picked Google as the most innovative company on earth in the BusinessWeek/BCG 2006 survey of Most Innovative Companies. Apple came in # 1 in the global survey but Google took the top slot when senior execs the Tech/IT companies made the choice. What did they say? Here is the raw data--the answers. Are they right on or did they miss something?

Marissa, what do you think?

- Looking for new ways to expand its offering: google earth; google tools; Froogle, Blog, Video,- New ways to expand its revenues: innovative ways to charge for advertisement
- challenge the status quo:- leverage the creativity of every employee;- Focus on talent, not process
- In constant search of diversification and pursuit of new business opportunities;- i am sceptical though whether they can turn initiatives to money
- passion;- risk-embracing;- talent feedback loop
A clear commitment and focus to technology and business model innovation
A line up of new services although some are not successful.
ability to develop new offerings before competitors
Ability to generate cash from new revenue sources

More on why top Execs think Google is innovative:

ability to generate cash from new revenue sources
Ability to leverage their brand and expand offerings to meet (and create) customer needs, innovative approaches using cluster servers
Adsense Concept and Gmail concept
Ahead in terms of software as a global tool changing the society behavior, from voice to writing and image.
Although Baidu and other competitors beat it hard, Google is still the most innovative company in the industry.
Always trying to "discover" new markets to be explored.
attracting new users through expanding our options
Because as an industry leader they continue to search for new ideas.
Because every single day the customer can feel their service impact on daily life and the international reach of their informaion.
Because it is moving very fast into new business areas, because it is buldding a fantastic, very strong and global brand, because it is in the information/tecnhology/entertainment sector, because it does not rest on its current position and is always trying to expand.
Because it redefined the relationships among information, technology, and consumer and, in the process, created a very successful, highly disciplined, and model company.
Because the ability to serve its market with innovative services. Also, it's strategic vision let the company stablish new trends.
Because they are constantly thinking "beyond the status quo" and they know how to get to market with their ideas fast.
Because they are innovating everywhere. They are looking at all sectors of activity and start with a clean slate.
Being a step forward is the only way to survive in fast moving competitive environment. As leaders, they HAVE to be innovative.. or die.
bringing the desktop world problems online and the net solutions on your desktop
broad scoped innovation on the edge, with global unlocking of value
Business model permanently under review and innovation
captured the market for search early and have kept upgrading approach;unique approach to IPO
Challenges accpeted theories and markets
Changes so many paradimes
changing the paradigm around information gathering, and creating a new platform for other value added services and products.
Changing the way the world visualizes information
Clearly understand how to leverage a still nascent communications channel. Simple purpose and Consumer-driven model, great brand.
coming up with a new business model: finding information has more value than storing information (microsoft)
Completely changed the way people search for information in a user friendly way, with a sophisticated system of prioritizing info at the heart
completely new and efficient ideas for services to be offered to customers always complementing the existing portfolio
Constanly pushing the bar for new products to differentiate themselves in a service industry with a number of similar competitors. (google maps, g-mail, google storage, etc)
constant flow of new products all with a wow factor association
Constantly innovating in their business model and developing new products and services at a very high pace.
Constantly putting out new (and in general, useful) services/tools for customers on their beta site
Constantly reinventing itself with new approaches, offerings and customer solutions. Effectively leveraging other technologies providers.
Continously Introducing new producs/services redefining the way people use the internet
continually innovating to find new service revenues in a competitive environment in a thought leadership mode
Continued product innovation - they keep adding
Continues to make great strides in helping people get more out of available information.
Continuous committment to breaking new technology ground - creating demand for services and solutions users did not initially think they needed.
Continuous introduction of innovative systems, Google print, base, earth etc, that by disrupting existing consolidated systems allow universal accessibility to information
Continuous product innovation while maintaining their key product (search) easy to use and powerful
continuously delivering new services to simplify processes
Created and operationalized/monetized Search. Filled a big and unarticulated public need, becoming indispensable to its customers, at least for now!&LF;&LF;Continues to improve, innovate with new services, and think beyond its origninal boundaries.
Creating profitable new space in internet advertising
Creativity, solid values
defined new industry
Defining new ways to make money from what on the surface appears to be nothing all that new. Yet we all know that takes a lot of smart people working together to pull that off. The principles Google embodies are long-term philosophy, processes, results, people, partners and problem solving that drive organizational learning.
Design excellence. Constantly amazed at new breakthrough technologies and commitment to R&D.
Despite their size and the proof of the existing business model, Google always finds new ways to extend the current business model by using the existing base as an asset (e.g. google alerts as an extension of their search business and gmail as a mail product that allows to search own mails with google technology).
Developed new concpt and set of services that customers immediately flocked to.
Developed new highly successful business model leveraging an architecture of internet participation around search
Dominates online search.
Dominating their fast growing market segment within a few years and making profit from a free service
Due to the culture they have embedded in the organisation. This encourages and rewards even unsuccessful innovation ideas due to the learning benifit that can come from them.
Easy and efective
Established search as the way people interact with today's web.
Excellent marketing and product offering
excellent product development; maximum leveraging of existing assets, products, services to other areas
Excellent products&LF;Product proliferation&LF;Internal culture and work ethic
Fast pace customer centric products and services
Few, if any, people would argue that Google is not an innovative company. Take&LF;a look at their range of jaw-dropping products and services that seem to literally&LF;tumble out of their innovation pipeline—Gmail, Google Maps, Desktop Search,&LF;and Google Earth to name just a few. All of this innovation is backed by results.&LF;In 2005, Google officially became the biggest media company in the world—&LF;valued at $80 billion—surpassing Time Warner ($78 billion). Culture of innovation
Flood of new products and services to cement their position within the technology world.
For all of the obvious reasons....
For constantly experimenting in new business models which transfrom incredibly institutionalized industries
Forefront of so many things, changing so many paradigms
Google cam out of nowhere and took over- revolutionized the search engine.
Google continues to come up with new ideas and/or ways to do things differently (such as mapping)that set the standards for other on-line services. Their willingness to take risks makes it virtually impossible to keep up with them.
Google created a new business model and is being sustained and keeps innovating.
Google has built reinvention and creativity into the core values of their company. They have explicitly chosen the evolutionary dynamic--team against team, new idea against old--as the model for their internal organization, and i think you can see the astounding results in the shear breadth and audacity of innovation they churn out. Who else has so quickly come up with viable, potentially paradigm-shifting business ideas in so many different areas, so quickly? I also see them as the first company to truly turn network economics--where each client creates value for every other client--into a revenue stream that represents the market they are creating. It's a new set of economics and they deserve a ton of credit for seeing it.
Google has created a new business model and brought in high precision to web-based advertising spends.
Google has revolutionized search for customers and advertisers, and they have developed numerous additional tools. The question is whether the additional innovations will have the profound impact of their core tool.
Google is consistently producing what I need for my business before I realize I need it. That's innovation.
Google is constantly generating interesting new offerings often become ubiquitous (e.g. gmail, Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Desktop, ...)
Google Labs - constantly trying new things without perfecting.
Google seems to stand in a class of its own. Their innovative methods of creating broadened search results cater effectively to the "ease of use" philosophy of life and online user experience.
Great leverage upon new ideas
Great products
Has a vision and is willing to "bet the company" on making it real, with reasonably good success, even if not sure how to monitize all its innovations.
Has changed in months the rules of the internet industry !!
Has changed the way web is perceived. Though it was a much smaller player (in the beginning)compared to established players in the industry, it has brought in innovative solutions that have given the estalished player a hard time
Has harnessed the so-far unknown potential of the internet in many ways at a sustained pace.
has very innovative approaches/ surrounding for staff - proof remains to be seen
have found a real niche and are also finding ways to change behavior. Google is now a household name. Thier computer search and Goggle Earth are two recent examples.
Having developed the most effective Web search engine, Google is on its way to revolutionalizing the recording, transfer and use of information across many disciplines.
Helping me do my work easier.
I just saw Google's GOOGLEPLEX and I am really amazed to see the innovation they have shown towards making the work fun.
Impressive launch of new features&LF;Fast movement
Impressive scaleble business model
In a rapidly changing environment, Google innovates maintain its leadership position.
In sync with global trends:&LF;Google earth (Trend mobilty and localisation)&LF;Picasa (Trend Digital photgraphy )&LF;Blogger (Trend blogging)&LF;etc.
Incredibly delivery of benefits to consumers married with shareholder value
Information easy to access and made fun.
Innovation as a way of life. All their products are simply created through a semi-random innovation process.
Innovation in bringing complex technologies in the hands of people e.g. Google Earth.
Innovative products
Interesting operating model and extreme reliance on innovation v. acquisition. They just need to temper their growth with eithical considerations a bit more regularly.
Is it just good luck? Or they are trying systematically new business models as well as improving their software?
It really support innovation by investing in many innovation initiatives
It's changing the world
Keeps innovating information access by tools with excellent usability and performance.
launched several useful products lately
Lean and fast organisation turning out highly innovative ideas in really useful ways (whereas others (e.g. Microsoft) seems more to speak conceptually about innovations and has much more difficulty in actually implementing them in a useful way)
Made a common utility feature of the web a high margin high revenue business
maintain a step ahead of their competitors
Maintaining focus on pure innovation for the sake of it, while also generating exceptional shareholder value
Makes its technology pervasive : web, mail, desktop, universal library,...
Managed to gain huge market lead in a relatively busy space, while simultaneously developing a strong pipeline of innovation. As innovative with business models as they are with products.
Market ownership
New business models using the Internet and IT technologies
New business, new markets, always changing to remain competitive. Out smarted Microsoft??
New ideas / services that make sense and make internet more useful.
New ideas, products, updates all the time
New product development is the life blood of their industry.
New search engines etc
new services
New services and applications in different fields
new solutions delivered to the market, freshness of approach
new thinking .new way
Ohh I hate to be so obvious, but they have changed the fabric of our culture. How we seek, learn and find inspiration is all tied up in that engine.
Paradigm changes in content delivery.
Pioneers and trendsetters in their business.
Rapid profile generation in new market.
Rapid roll out of new services that are very user friendly, while at the same time relates to its current offering
Redefine the web, and the way information in organized
Reinstall the social role of companies through their foundation, goes deeper that Bill+Melinda even though their effort is also remarkable
Revolutionary business model.
Revolutioning the way how we work and life.
Seem to have a steady stream of new products coming onto the market
Seems to continually reinvent business model, successfully.
Sheer determination by the leaders of the company to make it a global brand and a default search engine.
simple and direct, meeting consumer demand
Simply revolutionised the way we search for content; in probably one of the most democratic fashions. They continue to break paths on largegly mature and over-used concepts like email. Because they realised astounding concepts like Google Earth and brought them so close to our lives... they continue this spirit everyday and make it seem normal.
Sometimes innovation is viewed as doing LOTS of new things, but it ends up being an exercise in throwing a whole bunch of random ideas against the wall just to see what sticks. Google seems to have maintained a very clear vision of who they are, what their values are and what their customers want as they drive new innovations. Consequently, they constantly explore new businesses and technologies, but always with a tight filter as to what is "on" vs. "off" strategy for them. Their culture also permeates an air of creativity and fun, which is critical in engaging all employees in the pursuit of innovation.
Spanning a large spectrum of development areas as well as an interesting approach 70% on core/20% on related business/10% on unrelated business to develop solutions towards customers.
speed and depth of developments and user take up
Speed of delivering new innovative apps like google earth. Key question on business model remains tough: how to make money
starting from the most advanced search engine they have introduced many new services and business models (localization, data management, etc.) and still grow at very high speed.
Stellar success in new markets against powerful competition
Strong innovation engine with low barriers to experimentation
Taking full advantage of the web to focus on consumer benefit.
Taking very complex applications and making them very simple to use.
The effectiveness of their search engine technology and innovation is probably the most efficient means of information disemination of all time.
The search machine itself and Google Earth are my 2 favorit web sites. Both from 1 company...
their ability to use everyday needs to sell ads
Their internal ideation and idea screening process connects the grass roots with senior leadership quite well
Their technical challenge is significant.
There are a lot of search engines, and then there is Google. They have been able to transform themselves past their competitors.
They are changing the world. We rethink everything we do.
They are consistently the forerunner in coming up with new ways to explore the internet.
They are innovating with a depth vision (product, market, process, ...)
They are inventing a new business
They are spending time and money on many things with a bigger picture in mind.
They are transforming an industry and developing a business model that has previously flunked.
They brought about a radical shift in search engines and continue to revise the way information is accessed.
they built up their competitive advantage through innovation
They continue to launch new offerings that are well received by their users
They have a culture on constant innovation in bringing new products which are superior to the competition.
They have become wildly successful based on a few key non-conformist principles regarding team membership, market development and commercial growth, and they have been able to hold true to them, preserving their corporate identity and, to a great extent, their strategic edge.
They have repeatedly created new services out of thin air.
They have set up a real culture of innovation within the company. A recent Time magazine article stated, "Innovation tends to bubble up from these bright young minds. ... Every employee is meant to divide his or her time in three parts: 70% devoted to Google's core businesses, search and advertising; 20% on pursuits related to the core; and 10% on far-out ideas." (p. 28). This is a good description of how a culture of innovation works in practice.&LF;&LF;Reference&LF;Ignatius, A. (2006, Feb. 20). In Search of the Real Google. Time (Canadian Edition), 20-32.
They have taken a very basic concept and continue to evolve the technology to remain relevant to a mass audience
They innovate at a rapid rate in multiple dimensions (technologies, products, business models, geographies, consumer groups). And, their time-to-market is at least an order of magnitude better than their closest competitor.
They kick MS in the @#@#. Simple, well defined, concrete and focussed products to satisfy user needs of simplicity and effectivity
They motivate their people to experiment and invest time in working out their ideas for social media.
They revolutionised internet search and ads
They think outside the box and have found new ways to search and find information.
They think outside the box in terms of how can we be useful to the layman, and do not box themselves into being just a search engine.
They're finding ways to do things that previously would have been considered impossible.
Transformed the paradigm of search engine. Since then is clearly questing on many fronts to transform other media.
Tremendous capacity for adding features and services with high quality and seamless integration.
Turning the entire world of advertising and marketing on its head by putting the customer in charge of the ads they want to see; using this innovation to attack the established advertising, software, and web-portal industries with innovative and disruptive offerings, all at lightning speed
Understand the future of the internet
Unique approach to organizing information that is easy to use.
Unique value services.
Using sheer power to try everything
Very innovative in business structuring
very visionary
We all know why!
What started as a listing of websites continues to evolve and grow into new areas and uses
Wide range of innovative service offerings, widely used.

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