The Hottest Tech Outfit You Never Heard Of

Peter Chou's high standards, and an alliance with Microsoft, have turbocharged handset maker HTC

Bill Gates has a secret weapon -- a little-known Taiwanese company with the bland name of High Tech Computer Corp. Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) has long wanted to extend Windows territory to include smartphones, those souped-up handsets that can duplicate many of a desktop's functions. But Microsoft needs partners to make the gadgets, and a key one is HTC. Microsoft collects a royalty on every Windows-operated smartphone and PDA phone HTC sells to cellular operators like Cingular, T-Mobile, and Vodafone, who in turn slap their own brands on its devices. The collaboration between Microsoft and HTC is intense. ``There's shared DNA across both companies,'' says Scott Horn, general manager of Microsoft's Mobile & Embedded Div.

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