Missing Milestones

James Mehring

I just got a call from Lyn that our daughter rolled over for the first time. My wife only found out via a phone call from her mother. Lyn’s mother now watches the baby with both of us at work. Our daughter has rolled over but only with a little help from one of us. This was, apparently, the first time that she pulled off a deft log roll without assistance.

Like any parent, I am so proud of my child. But I am not writing this entry just to boast. No, this accomplishment was tinged with some mixed emotions. Both Lyn and I felt bad that one of us wasn't there to witness it firsthand. We were at home this weekend when our daughter first clutched her feet with her hands. This time we can only imagine her rolling over on the floor and then grinning with a sense of achievement.

I know these are small milestones and we will see her roll over many times. But there is something special about seeing your child do something for the first time.

The news was tougher for my wife. Lyn felt really bad that she wasn't there. We both feel a little guilty about the current arrangement. When both parents go to work it is typically framed as a choice. It technically is a choice but living in a metropolitan area such as New York makes it very difficult financially to allow one parent to stay home.

As a result, I am sure we will be getting more phone calls about our daughter’s accomplishments. It will be wonderful news that will leave us proud, yet a little sad.

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