Big questions for a hot deal

I've heard forever that Omniture (OMTI) will be a hot IPO. So why is Omniture is losing so much money -- why, in fact, are losses expanding -- at a time when its direct rival Websidestory is making money, even though Omnniture is bigger?
Tim Mullaney

For probably more than a year, I've been hearing that when Omniture (OMTI) came out, it would be a hot deal. Little wonder: The Orem, Utah company makes what tech wonks call Web site optimization software: It tracks billions of page views a day to help e-commerce companies understand what makes people press the buy button most effectively. Want to know which of your ad campaigns is working? Need to understand what badly-designed features of a Web store are making shoppers abandon that shopping cart? Well, then you might use Omniture software. And if you did, you'd have company like EBay, Expedia, America Online and others.

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