Sopranos Product Placement Watch, Season Six, Episode Five

Just another yawn $425,000 wedding; just another soapy subplot involving one of Tony’s underlings.

What’s more importantly for the Product Placement Watch, though, is the admirable restraint characters are showing when it comes to cars. There was a white Rolls Royce in this episode, and not only did no one comment on it, it ended up getting blocked by a police SUV. (I guess this means we know that the Rolls folk aren’t giving the show any favors.)

Brioni. The imprisoned Johnny Sack is happy when his lawyers bring him one of their suits to wear in court. And it works: The Judge grants him a leave to go to his daughter’s wedding.

Egregiousness: 5. There’s a glamour shot of the suit, an expression of joy, and it was work by Johnny in a moment of jailbird triumph—but it’s not a stretch to think the dapper Sack would about such things, and B. be damn glad to see it after wearing institutional orange for so long.

GQ. Sack is disgusted by the fashion sense of his handlers: “Don’t you read GQ?”

Egregiousness: 1. As the obits of Art Cooper all noted, GQ became an adjective/reference point long ago. Granted, maybe that came with a subtext that Cooper didn’t quite get, but the point remains.

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