Pluck's Syndication Moves

Tech startup Pluck is rolling out syndicated blog offerings for traditional publications. But is this a service anyone needs?
Heather Green

I did a story today for online about Pluck and a service it's launching today, called BlogBurst. It's a service that pulls together the posts of 700 bloggers and makes them available for traditional publications. Some big name traditional outlets, such as The Washington Post, Gannett newspapers, and The Austin American-Statesman, have signed up to trial the service.

It's an interesting step, but I think the last graph I wrote sums up the analysis of my story.

"Using BlogBurst to sift through interesting posts is easier and speedier than trolling the entire Net, say some publication partners. And the blog posts can be used to fill out niches, building up sections, such as travel, where it may not be feasible to hire another reporter, says Jim Debth, general manager of The Austin American-Statesman's Internet site. For some, the service may prove indispensable.

Yet as more reporters become familiar with blogging, the need for a separate syndicate service may one day seem quaint."

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