Wikis: The Movie (Lucky Number Slevin)

How the producers of Lucky Number Slevin used wikis from JotSpot to help make the movie.
Heather Green

So, as you're sitting in the dark theater this weekend, watching Josh Hartnett, Morgan Freeman and Lucy Liu in the $30 million "Lucky Number Slevin," you'll be able to thank or blame wikis (depending on how the movie is).

That's because the makers of the film, Ascendant Films, used wiki technology from JotSpot to track the film's financing and production. Instead of using paper or emails to send contracts, revisions, and budget information between lawyers, financiers and production staff in Berlin, London, LA and Montreal, they used the open space online provided by Jotspot.

Here's a fun ode to dead trees: A typical independently financed movie produces a collection of contracts and documents close to a foot and half high.

The film’s finance specialist, Bob Norton, read about JotSpot in October 2004 and thought it would be a good fit. He says he plans to expand his usage of Wikis on future films to handle things like actor contracts and deal memos, etc.

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