In We Media, Ads That Reflect Personality.....

Are there more ads out there like the Rocketboom ad, that is tailored to reflect the personality of the site or service?
Heather Green

We have this explosion of creativity in blogs, podcasts, videos going on right now. And we also have marketers trying to harness that creativity, asking people who visit the sites and networks that pull these blogs and videos together to create ads.

My question is are there advertisers who also taking the step of tailoring ads to fit the personality of the site they are advertising on, sort of as an acknowledgment of the personality of the site. I know of one example, Rocketboom, the video blog that auctioned off its ads on eBay and then produced the ad, resulting in marketing that entirely new, I think.

Are there other examples out there of this kind of personality tailoring?

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