The FDA To Look At Whether Cell Phones Cause Cancer

Is there a link between cell phone usage and cancer? The FDA is looking to find out. In the meantime, I figure I'd err on the safe side and wear a headset.
Olga Kharif

The FDA just announced that it plans to convene a meeting to evaluate research looking at whether using cell phones can be linked to increased risk of getting cancer.

That decision was prompted by a recent study that came out of Sweden, which seemed to point out that people who had used cell phones for more than 10 years had increased their risk of developing brain tumors by 240%.

Sure, this study is inconsistent with findings from other studies done around the world. Still, just to be on the safe side, I recently purchased a headset. That's the one good thing that's likely to come out of this whole mess, as various agencies try to determine whether there's a link between mobiles and cancer: I bet that headset sales would shoot through the roof.

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