Federated Media's Metablog Play...Very Interesting...

In the race to become a meta aggregator, is there a superior way to do it? Will aggregating through community votes (digg), or technology (memeorandum) or persoanl editors (Federated Media) win?
Heather Green

I just noticed the change over at Federated Media, the blog network started by John Battelle. FM has created a metablog, initially it looks like just for tech. What is that? "Editor Bill Brazell reads all our authors' feeds and selects a mix of posts each morning for your perusal," Battelle explains. At first, I had just assumed FM would be a behind the scenes player, selling advertising for the 50 or so blogs it has pulled together.

But now you see they're putting structure around what these blogs....creating a brand...and aggregating posts to bring you to them and market them....

This fascinates me because it gets at the question I have been wondering about about people editing (our jobs basically at BW) v. automated editing (what Memeorandum does, for example). Of course, there is also a third model, community editing like Digg, where the number of votes hightlights stories or posts.

And the uber question of course, is does any one of these dominate over time? And is there a place for BusinessWeek to play in this?

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