Daily Devotions... For Mobile Phones

Until now, cell phone content has been mostly limited to ringtones and games. Now, Hands-On is about to introduce Daily Devotions, a daily inspirational message service. That's a sign that mobile content is about to get a lot more varied.
Olga Kharif

By now, we are used to godcasts, which are religious podcasts designed to be listened to on MP3 players. Next, prepare for godcells, as it were.

Hands-On Mobile (formerly Mforma), which has long sold mobile games and other content for cell phones, will, on April 5, roll-out an application called Daily Devotions. The service will deliver daily inspirational audio messages to users' cell phones. The messages will be written and narrated by none other than Pat Boone, the voice of the Christian Radio Network.

Apparently, Hands-On believes that enough of the 45 million Christians with cell phones out there will be willing to shell out the $9.99 monthly service fee. Personally, I think it's kind of steep.

But this is certainly the first instance that I know of when religious content is being pushed onto cell phones. Until now, cell phone content providers have been primarily focused on ringtones and games.

Clearly, that's changing. Mobile content -- a huge market -- is being taken more seriously now. And more serious content, targeting not just teens but also adults, is finally finding its way onto cell phones, too.

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